This is the first time I've had a studio space away from home.

Best of the Northwest Spring Show, March 2018 ( at Magnuson Park in Seattle)

Fauntleroy Fine Art & Holiday Gift Show, November 2017

Summer exhibit, Circa in West Seattle, July - September 2019

In my new studio space in Ballard, making new stuff!

Madison Park Art Walk, September 2018 (at Wicklund Real Estate)



West Seattle Art Walk, October 2017 (at Canna West Seattle.)

Madison Park Art Walk, September 2017 (at Park Postal in Madison Park.)

I'm an abstract painter in Seattle. I work with acrylics and mixed media, primarily on wood panels which I often scrape or sand or scratch.

Many of my pieces combine precision with disorder, or order with randomness. I like to create precise lines or geometric shapes, then overlay them with something completely imprecise, or distort them within their tidy parameters. Sometimes I'll paint something crisp and well-defined, then violently sand it or scrape it until its original luster is gone and it looks and feels completely different.

I also like creating multiple points of focus in a piece, with two, three or many more separate things going on so the viewer can decide whether to consider each element individually or take in the whole as a sum of those parts (or do both, or neither.)

One more thing: With some of these paintings, sometimes I think I know from the start which is the top and which is the bottom . . . then I rotate the thing and discover that I like it even better with a different orientation. There's no right or wrong. If it speaks to you more vividly when it's sideways or upside down, that's okay with me!

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